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I love beautiful things so naturally I could not stay away from one of my favourite things - jewellery and accessories. I have tried to combine my love for calligraphy with jewellery and other accessories and cute things the best way I know how. Check out my online shop to see a variety of different accessories on offer - from earrings, to necklaces, keyrings and even agate crystal slices! 


I don't make these from scratch, but I have tried to make them even more special and I hope you will appreciate the results. 

I try and pick out the best quality items - and each design that is put together is based on what I personally love myself. Whilst I don't mould and shape the jewellery, I do spend time collecting and putting together the different pieces to make something that will make you smile.

Jewellery sets are paired with carefully sought out quotes which are handwritten to create cute gifts. Keyrings are either hand burned or hand designed, and agate crystals are just pretty so make beautiful decorations for any home with a handwritten name or quote completed in ink or engraved. Earrings made the cut because, well earrings are cute!

Examples of jewellery & accessories

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