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The beauty of calligraphy is that it can be incorporated into almost anything, and I have embraced this by learning how to burn beautiful designs into wood! If you can't find what you want on my online shop, then don't fret. If it involves wood and writing, there is a very good chance I can help.


My online shop has a selection of small wooden signs, chopping boards and wooden keyrings - but this does not mean that's all I can do! If you have a specific request for a sign with different dimensions, or slightly different colours, we can probably work something out.

I work with a local timber merchant for completing custom wood pieces. I also cut and sand my own signs, and sometimes upcycle old wood. I love to experiment, and I would love to create something special for you.


Each piece will be carefully designed, sanded, burned, (sometimes stained) and varnished before it goes out to you. I always strive for 100% when I create any work, and I check in with my customers throughout the process to make sure the final result meets (or exceeds) expectations. 


All of my designs are also designed free hand (not always for illustrations, but definitely for words), so the outcome will be unique and one of a kind - no impersonal fonts used here! 

P.S. I know this section is about pyrography, but if you're looking for something painted rather than burned, or a combination of the two - that's also possible! 

Examples of previous projects

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