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If you are looking for a one of a kind personalised beautiful gift, or perhaps planning an event where you want to offer engraving services, then you are in the right place. Read on for more information, click here for pricing and process information, or contact me to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote.


Engraving is an excellent way of personalising and making your gift even more unique. It is everlasting and truly unique as it is done completely by hand! 


Engraving can be done on surfaces such as glass, most metals and stone (ceramic and marble). 


Examples of items that can be engraved are:

  • Perfume bottles

  • Wine or whiskey bottles

  • Glassware (e.g. champagne glasses, glasses, mugs, plates etc.)

  • Scented candles

  • Reusable water bottles

  • Marble coasters 

  • Agate crystal slices

  • Lipstick and other makeup containers

  • Compact mirrors

Popular things to engrave are:

  • Names or monograms

  • A personal message

  • Simple Illustrations


*Note - I do not engrave on any bottles with sparkling drinks (such as champagne or sparkling wine). Engraving can weaken the glass and there is potential for explosion during or after engraving. If you want a champagne/sparkling wine bottle personalised, this can be done in pen (though not permanent), so if this is something you would like to do please get in touch.


How does it work?

In simple terms, you hire me for a few hours for the day to be present and personalise items with an engraving. Typically person writes their desired message on a note and leaves it with me to engrave and can watch whilst this is being done.


What tools are used?
I engrave items using a wireless engraving tool which is portable for a few hours at a time, though ideally I would have power to hook up to if there is a requirement for a long period of engraving.

What else is required?

I would need a table and a chair and can be placed anywhere at your venue. The noise of the engraving is not too loud, but it is a low humming noise.

Who provides the items for engraving?

It really depends on what you want. My standard pricing is based on engraving only, but I am happy to try and source the items you want (which will be at cost price), or happy for you to provide them too. Please note if providing items yourself, you will need to provide around 10/15% extra to account for any accidents or mistakes. Please discuss this with me first as I would need to be sure it is something I can safely engrave on.

How long will be needed for engraving?

It does depend on how many guests and what specifically you want. Simple engravings like words/dates take up to 5 mins each, but some guests may ask for a few more words or simple illustrations which could take a little longer. This also depends the material that is being engraved, and if the engraving needs to be filled in with colour (which looks nice as it makes the engraving pop! - note this is included in the engraving charges). 

It's also important to think about the flow of guests bringing their items to engrave, as well as any breaks during (I try and keep these at a minimum so this would only include a quick trip to the loo at the most!). If guests are in charge of coming over when they are ready, there may be a slower start at one point in the afternoon, and a back-up at another, so it's best to think about a way to encourage groups of people to bring their items to be personalised at a steady rate, to ensure I can be engraving for most of my time.

A rough estimate with this in mind is around 10-15 engravings in one hour, so if you have a party of 50 guests it would be safest to book me for 4.5/5hours. If additional time is needed, this can be added on the day and invoiced after the event. If you have more guests, this would need more time, and thus start time needs to be considered to ensure I can do all the engravings on time. 

Want to hire me for live engraving at your event?

Examples of engraving projects 

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