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  • What is the difference between brush and pointed pen calligraphy?
    Brush and pointed pen are just different instruments to get the same beautiful writing style! Brush calligraphy is done (you guessed it!) with a brush pen or a paint brush. Pointed pen is done using a nib and ink. The reason brush calligraphy is so popular is because it allows the artist to achieve a thick downstroke, and a thin upstroke, which is what gives the contrast of the thick/thin strokes in letters. One misconception is that if you know how to do calligraphy with a pointed pen, then you can also do brush calligraphy. This is not the reality! Whilst they are similar, both methods require a lot of learning, practice and patience. I personally started learning calligraphy with a nib, and it took me a year to really get the hang of brush calligraphy, and now I love it!
  • Are your mugs really handpainted?
    Yes, they really are! These mugs are handpainted by me, they are not sent away to be printed with big machines and computers! Every single cup is different, every design is pondered over multiple times, and there is a lot of removing and re-writing done before I am happy with them! I use oil based sharpies, acrylic pens and nail varnish to get these results. Once the designs are drawn/written on, they go in the oven to bake, and they have to cool down before they are packed away waiting for a good home.
  • Can you write on other things like cars, walls or musical instruments?"
    My theory is - if you can paint on it, I can probably write on it. Granted I've not had the pleasure of doing something as exciting as a car or a guitar (yet), I would definitely embrace the challenge! If you have something that you would like to be decorated with calligraphy, drop me a message and we can discuss your request.
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