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Calligraphy is beautiful but it can get a little tricky trying to navigate all the different available options of colours and styles. If you know what you want or if you have no idea but want something done in calligraphy, get in touch with me to discuss options and to get a quote.


With calligraphy you're not limited to black ink on white paper. I can create works of art on different sizes of paper, with different styles and a variety of colours - have a look at the gallery on my website or my instagram

I love creating fun and playful designs, as well as elegant and simple ones. Calligraphy in pointed pen will look different than calligraphy using brush pens, or even watercolours! You can have no backgrounds, or get colourful with watercolour effects. I even dabble in watercolour painting and florals to go with calligraphy - I love a challenge. If you want something, don't be afraid to ask!

Calligraphy isn't limited to just paper/card. I can create murals, I can decorate windows, and shop fronts, signs/chalkboards and possibly more.

Examples of previous projects

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