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Want to learn the art of calligraphy? 

I love to share what I know about this art form at beginners calligraphy workshops, so why not sign up and try it out?

I run local workshops (when I can find the time!), but I can also arrange private workshops for a private event or a one to one. Get in touch to discuss.



Local Group Workshops

I try to set up beginners workshops in the South West (Exeter, Okehampton and surrounding areas) as often as I can. Have a look at my shop to see if there are any upcoming sessions, or join my mailing list to find out when new ones are scheduled.

Each session usually runs for 2.5hours, includes light refreshments and a basic calligraphy starter kit that you can take home with you.


1:1 Workshops - Online or In-Person

If you would prefer to learn calligraphy one on one, for a more tailored and focused session, I would be more than happy to guide you through and teach you what I know. We can do a one off session, or as many as you need (or want!). 

I am very down to earth and relaxed, so if you think you can put up with my terrible jokes then drop me a message :)


Workshops for Private or Corporate Events - Online or In-Person

A modern calligraphy workshop is an excellent choice for private or corporate events, offering a blend of creativity, relaxation, and personalization that can elevate the overall event experience.

What you will receive:-

  • Light refreshments (extras or hot refreshments can be added).

  • A tailored modern calligraphy workshop for beginners.

  • Attendees will all receive their own calligraphy kit to take home, which will include: penholder, nib, ink, pencil, workbook.

  • 1-2-1 calligraphy tuition, advice and support.

  • Calligraphy workshops can be booked for a few hours, for half a day or full-day.


Booking a modern calligraphy workshop for private or corporate events like bridal showers, hen parties, or team building activities offers a unique and enriching experience that can enhance the event in several ways:

  1. Creative Engagement: Calligraphy workshops provide an opportunity for participants to tap into their creative side, promoting engagement and hands-on learning. It's an enjoyable and interactive way to spend time together.

  2. Personalized Keepsakes: Participants can create personalized calligraphy pieces during the workshop, making for memorable and meaningful keepsakes that serve as reminders of the event.

  3. Team Building: For corporate events, calligraphy workshops encourage teamwork, communication, and collaboration among colleagues. Participants can bond over shared creative challenges and achievements.

  4. Stress Relief: Calligraphy is a soothing and meditative activity that can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. It can be a great addition to events that aim to provide a break from the daily grind.


Ultimately, booking a modern calligraphy workshop for your private or corporate event promises to create lasting memories, boost creativity, and leave participants with a new skill they can continue to enjoy long after the event concludes.

Workshop content can be tailored to suit the event's theme or objectives, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the occasion's goals. Calligraphy workshops can be conducted both in-person and virtually, making them suitable for a wide range of event formats, including remote team building.

So what are you waiting for? If you are still reading then I'm sure a calligraphy workshop is just what you're looking for! 

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