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Wedding Decorations


If you want a mirror seating chart but don't want the hassle of sourcing your own mirror, then I have a couple of mirrors that are available for hire. Hire cost is listed below against each item, not including delivery. Note - some mirrors can be leaned against something and may not need an easel depending on your location.

What is available?
If you would like to hire or enquire about any of the available items, please get in touch with me directly. 


Black/Silver Frame Mirror


H108cm x W 78cm

Beautiful mirror with a mirror border and ball like decorations - these appear silver in pictures but are more black in real life. Heavy and big enough to be leaned against a sturdy structure if available. Internal mirror measures

H88.5cm x W58.5cm 

approx 18kg

Does not include easel.


Natural Wood Easel



A large handmade wooden easel. Can hold up to A1 size signs and the heavier mirrors that are available for hire. 


White Arch Mirror


H101cm x W70cm

A beautiful arch mirror with a white frame. Internal mirror measures

H88cm x W58cm

approx 6kg

Does not include easel, decorations or writing.


Freestanding Silver Mirror


H169cm x W42cm

Silver freestanding mirror with beautiful detail around the edges. Internal mirror measures

H155cm x W28cm

approx 11kg


White Wooden Easel


H146cm x W46cm

A white painted wooden easel that can be used as a stand. Can hold up to A1 size signs and the white mirror that is available for hire. Will not be able to hold the silver mirror or anything heavier than 10kg.


Gold Mirror with Detail


H81cm x W61cm

Gold mirror with beautiful ornamental border. Internal mirror measures H72.5 x W49cm 

approx 5kg

Does not include easel.


Gold Mirror


H96.5cm x W71.1cm

A beautiful rectangle gold mirror with stunning details. Heavy and big enough to be leaned against a sturdy structure if available.

Approx 20kg

Does not include easel.

How would hire work?

Once you enquire, you will need to let me know the date for which hire is required. If the item is available for the date(s) you require, you will need to put down a 50% deposit to secure the item and the date (if  more than 6 weeks away from hire date). If less than 6 weeks from your event, full payment will be needed. Hire cost listed below is for a 24/hour period.


Collection/drop off

If you are near me, you are welcome to collect the items from me, and return them once your hire period is over.

If not, I can deliver the items to you or to the venue, and collect after the event. Extra charges apply for travel/postage depending on location. I am based in Devon, Okehampton, so travel within 30miles is free.

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